Rosco Duo-Lock Snaps - 12pc. Bags

Rosco SKU: 990-51D


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The ROSCO Duo-Lock Snap is made out of stainless steel wire. It has recently been redesigned to allow a ROSCO Swivel to slide on without opening the snap.  Very popular for simply quickly attaching your lures or used in making various rigs.

Stainless Steel or Black finish.

Stainless Steel Finish (D Series)

 New Item  No.  Old Item  No.  Lb.  Test  Swivels/Pack 
990-51D 890D-51 20 12
990-52D 890D-52 25 12
990-53D 890D-53 40 12
990-54D 890D-54 50 12
990-55D 890D-55 85 12
990-56D 890D-56 150 12


Black Finish (D Series)

 New Item  No.  Old Item  No.  Lb.  Test  Swivels/Pack 
991-51D 890D-BL-51 20 12
991-52D 890D-BL-52 25 12
991-53D 890D-BL-53 40 12
991-54D 890D-BL-54 50 12
991-55D 890D-BL-55 85 12
991-56D 890D-BL-56 150 12