McRosco Rosco Scissor Snaps - 36 Pc. Bags

Rosco SKU: 601-4Z


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Also called a McMahon Snap or McRosco Snap, ROSCO is the only manufacturer of these snaps in the USA!   This popular snap is made the exact specifications of the original McMahon Snap. Preferred on the West Coast for all types of rigging and trolling.

Nickel or Black finish.

Nickel Finish (Z Series)

 New Item  No.  Old Item  No.  Lb.  Test  Swivels/Pack 
601-4Z R4MG 80 36
601-5Z R5MG 100 36
601-6Z R6MG 150 36

Black Finish (Z Series)

 New Item  No.  Old Item  No.  Lb.  Test  Swivels/Pack 
602-4Z R4MG-BL 80 36
602-5Z R5MG-BL 100 36
602-6Z R6MG-BL 150 36