Rosco Interlock Snap Swivels - 12 Piece Bags

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Made from stainless steel wire and a brass jacket combined with a ROSCO swivel, this is the "go to" snap swivel for fishing guides and recreational fisherman alike. Not only do these snap swivels prevent your line from twisting, the interlocking snap makes it easy for you to quickly switch lures and keep your line wet at your favorite fishin' hole. Remember, if it is stamped "USA", it was made at the ROSCO factory in Rome, NY.

Brass, Nickel, or Black finish.


Brass Finish (D Series)

 New Item  No.  Old Item  No.  Lb.  Test  Swivels/Pack 
821-10D 821D-10 25 12
821-7D 821D-7 40 12
821-5D 821D-5 50 12

Nickel Finish (D Series)

 New Item  No.  Old Item  No.  Lb.  Test  Swivels/Pack 

822-10D 822D-10 25 12
822-7D 822D-7 40 12
822-5D 822D-5 50 12

Black Finish (D Series)

 New Item  No.  Old Item  No.  Lb.  Test  Swivels/Pack 

823-10D 823D-10 25 12
823-7D 823D-7 40 12
823-5D 823D-5 50 12